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Past Releases

Check out these affordable past releases from cadcampus.com!

AutoCAD® 2000

AutoCAD® 2000 includes more than 400 new and enhanced productivity tools including the AutoCAD Design Center, and the Multiple Design Environment (MDE). Develop your skills to a professional level with the fully functional and current release of this widely used software -- at a price that you can afford.

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 AutoCAD® 2000i
 AutoCAD LT® 2000i

AutoCAD LT® 2000i from the Autodesk® Student Portfolio is the only low-cost, 2D CAD design program that combines 100% AutoCAD® 2000 and 2000i drawing compatibility with easy-to-use Internet productivity tools.

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 AutoCAD® Architectural Desktop Release 3

AutoCAD® Architectural Desktop& Release 3 from the Autodesk Student Portfolio contains the special tools you need to create and produce architectural models in 2D and 3D with all the underlying functionality of AutoCAD 2000 and 2000i. Whether you are designing a building from the outside in or the inside out, AutoCAD® Architectural Desktop provides the productivity tools and enhancements to support the entire architectural design process.

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 Mechanical Desktop® Release 5 Power Pack

Mechanical Desktop® 5/Power Pack from the Autodesk Student Portfolio extends the power of the AutoCAD® 2000i design environment with a rich set of engineering design and analysis tools that increase and expand mechanical design functionality.

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 Autodesk Inventor Release 3

Autodesk Inventor™ Release 3 software is the only 3D mechanical design system that was built with adaptive technology, so the software thinks the way you design without the limitations of other MCAD programs. This software allows you to work efficiently in the context of complete assemblies. In fact, you’ll load, view, edit, and save large models two-to-ten times faster than with other mechanical design solutions!

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 AutoCAD Map® 2000i

AutoCAD Map® 2000i from the Autodesk Student Portfolio gives students precision mapping and GIS analysis software with all the functionality of AutoCAD® 2000i built in. You can import and export data in just about any format you need and link immediately to online data warehouses to add intelligence to your mapping projects. More than 2,000 global coordinate systems are provided along with tools to create your own.

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 Autodesk® Land Development Solutions 2i

Autodesk® Land Development Solutions from the Autodesk Student Portfolio extends AutoCAD Map 2000i software with discipline-specific land development features and functionality. These include powerful and intuitive tools that let students create and label survey points, define and edit parcels and roadway alignments, automate drafting procedures, create terrain models, and calculate volumes and contours.

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